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Round Diamonds for Engagement Rings

In love relationships, couples eagerly await moments to express the stored love, feelings, and affection towards their loved ones. Out of those moments, the engagement is the most precious, where they make a promise and take the first step towards a new life. Couples exchange engagement rings with each other, and they commit to a love relationship. 

All kinds of styles go with the round diamond engagement ring. Of course, you can select your favorite diamond shapes for engagement rings. 

But round-cut diamond engagement rings are used as promise symbols due to their brilliance and light reflections. So, if you want gorgeous and luxurious engagement rings, select a round brilliant-cut diamond.

There are some points that must be considered before you buy a round diamond engagement ring, influencing the price and appearance. Those points include your reason for buying a round diamond engagement ring, the 4 Cs of diamonds, ring styles, etc. 

For a clear understanding, let’s take a look at the points step by step. But before we have an overview of round diamond rings, what is it? 

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What is a Round Engagement Ring?

A round diamond has an overall cone-like shape that is perfectly designed to produce maximum sparkle. The broader surfaces are the identical mark for round diamond engagement rings, which are wider than other diamond rings. A round engagement ring for women gives an exquisite and gorgeous appearance to reveal an emotional attachment to a loved one with full confidence. In round diamond rings, the formations of the facets help to reflect better brilliance. Thus, if you're looking for a promise ring with round diamonds, it's an impressive choice. A promise ring is a sign of commitment and loyalty.

Reasons to Choose a Round Diamond for an Engagement Ring

In the selection of round diamond engagement rings, a few factors play a key role. These reasons indicate that round-cut diamonds are preferable for engagement rings. 

Let's see why round engagement rings are preferable.

• A round Diamond Cut has a 360-Degree Surface

In a round diamond cut, there are 360° surfaces available, which make the light's resonant ability robust and flexible. Having the 360° surfaces of the round diamond anatomy releases the brilliance affections to all corners and angles, which is the most optimistic to see.

Compared to princess or emerald cut diamonds, round diamonds throw more light reflections from their anatomies due to their circled type circumferences. Thus, except for the bezel set ring design, you can choose round brilliant cut diamonds in all kinds of designs to make them more precious. 

• Offering the Brilliance of Resonances

A round diamond offers brilliance resonances because it contains an arrow, a heart, a triangle, and straight faceting lines on the anatomies. In the round diamond's internal and external anatomy, the facet placements are in their deserving places, which helps to control the brilliance movements in the ideal path.

• Appropriate in All Kinds of Ring Styles

The round diamond cut is a stylish and brilliant cut diamond that gives off an attractive light ray. For this reason, all kinds of ring styles are appropriate for round diamonds. Buyers are undoubtedly seeking to make their engagement rings special by selecting round diamond rings. 

There's no limit to selecting only halo or Toi et Moi ring designs for round diamond rings, but if you prefer a solitaire or three-stone pattern, then do so. 

• Sparkly and Eye-Catching

Due to the way they are cut, round-cut diamonds are renowned for their extraordinary shine and brilliance. The diamond's faceted top, sides, and bottom reflect light in all directions to produce a stunning show of fire and brilliance. For women who want their engagement ring to stand out for its sparkle, this is a perfect choice. 

• Timeless and Classic

Round-cut diamonds have been around for centuries and have a timeless, classic look that never goes out of style. It is the perfect choice for those who want a classic and elegant engagement ring. They can be set in various ring styles, from simple solitaires to intricate vintage-inspired designs. 

The Best 4Cs for the Round Diamond Engagement Ring

The 4 Cs of diamonds influence the price and appearance of round engagement rings so that they can be selected in ideal grades. For round engagement rings, choose the ideal 4 Cs of diamonds to avoid dull or unnatural looks and light resonations.

Pay more attention to selecting the ideal 4 Cs of diamonds in your chosen round engagement ring design. You should have to pick coherence 4C grades in round diamond ring design and style.

• Choose D to J Color Grade

The 360° angle surfaces in round diamonds needed a higher color grade for stunning light resonations, so they preferred a D to J color grade. In this color grade, the round diamonds are free from unnatural and unrequired hues that affect the brilliance reflections.

Otherwise, you can select a round diamond engagement ring in a fancy color. You can choose fancy color diamonds from blue, yellow, pink, brown champagne, red, orange, chocolate, and vivid pink.  

• VVS to VS Clarity Grade

In round diamond engagement rings for women, women prefer VVS to VS diamond clarity, where the blemishes and impurities are available in fewer quantities. Due to fewer inclusions and blemishes in this clarity-grade round diamond ring, the light resonations are free from any blockage or gap. 

With this kind of clarity (VVS to VS) in round diamond rings, the brilliance resonances become optimistic. 

In diamond clarity, 11 types of grades are determined by the inclusions or blemish placements on the anatomies. As a result, diamond clarity affects the price, which could be viewed from the buyer's perspective.

• Excellent to Very Good Cut

In round diamonds, select an excellent to very good cut because it indicates the girdle and pavilion depth are in identical condition, which helps the light's resonation flow in constant ways. All kinds of ring designs with round diamonds prefer excellent to very good cuts. 

Thus, choose the diamond cut grade according to your ring designs and styles that comply with the budget provisions and her choice.

Before selecting a diamond cut grade for round diamond engagement rings, discuss with her mutually and conclude that it suits ring designs and budget provisions.

Types of Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Halo Ring

In a round diamond halo engagement ring, it's an excellent choice to pick a 1 to 4-carat center diamond. While preferring 2 to 3-carat weight accent stones in pear, cushion, princess, or radiant cut according to your budget allocation. 

Halo engagement rings are modern and fashionable designs with accent stones around the center diamond. 

In a round halo engagement ring for women, the light resonation flows in full force from the corners to the angles. White gold and platinum are enough choices for a halo-design engagement ring. Selecting halo engagement rings for women means selecting the ideal 4Cs grades and quality.

Vintage Ring

The carat weight selection in vintage diamond rings should be within ideal ranges of 1 to 4 carats. In 1 to 4-carat diamond weights, the vintage engagement ring looks stunning and ritzy on the hands. 

A vintage engagement ring is remembered as being from the classical time around the 1920s when old European and Mine cut diamonds were used. Still, European cut and Old Mine Cut diamonds are used for vintage rings. In vintage style engagement rings for women, mainly OEC diamonds are used with the Art Deco pattern.

Vintage rings with art deco designs have a positive, superb appeal that denotes a distinctive appearance.

Dainty Engagement Ring

According to your love partner's preference, you can select the shank style from V-shaped, split, and infinite dainty rings.

A dainty engagement ring features curving bands with shared surfaces and prong settings. Round-cut diamonds are the perfect choice for dainty rings because of their 360° anatomy and attractive reflection strength. 

Three-Stone Ring

A three-stone engagement ring presents dedication, commitment, and affection toward the loved one. In a 3-stone round-cut ring, the white gold metal is an ideal choice for matching the appearance with the reflections. During the purchase of the three-stone ring in round-cut diamonds, select VVS diamonds. 

Channel Set

If you are looking for a wedding ring in the form of an engagement ring, then a channel set round diamond ring design is an ideal choice for you. In a round diamond channel ring, you can offer an optimistic appearance to your lover's hands because of their formation from angle to cornered curving edges.

In a channel set engagement ring, prefer 3-carat weight round cut diamonds because they comply with the ring design. In a channel set ring design, you can select fancy color diamonds and VS clarity.

A channel-style engagement ring's cost will vary depending on the choice and quality of the accent stone.

Bridal Sets

A combination of engagement and wedding ring sets is available in a bridal-style ring with two matching bands.

If you're seeking a beautiful bridal set for your girlfriend or fiancée, then round-cut diamonds are an excellent choice. The combination of bands in bridal set rings gives them a more stunning and gorgeous appearance.

prefers a 4-carat weighted diamond bridal set to reveal feelings and emotions to a loved one. 

Pave Set

The pave set engagement ring refers to the pre-wedding ring because it signifies commitment and dedication. In a pave design ring, the diamond shape is the most salient task to choose. So, round-cut diamonds are ideal for the pave-style ring.

In this ring design, the diamonds are placed horizontally in 3 to 4 rows, reflecting the light.

In the round diamond pave set engagement ring, focus on selecting better quality grades in terms of the 4 Cs. 

Toi et Moi Ring

The Toi et Moi rings represent "You and Me" in a love relationship. So when you want to gift a romantic and luxurious sign of a love bond, then the Toi et Moi ring is an excellent choice.

The Toi et Moi rings are available in fancy as well as colorless diamonds.

The 1 to 3-carat weight selection for a round diamond Toi et Moi ring is enough to offer an exquisite wearing experience to a loved one.


Remember, the most important thing is that the engagement ring symbolizes your love and commitment, so choose a diamond that is meaningful and special to you.

With all these insights into the different aspects of a round-cut diamond engagement ring, you can comfortably select the most suitable ring for your partner. Head over to V. Jayantilal & Co.'s vast collection of stunning and unique round-cut diamonds to choose a style that appeals to you the most.

Oval Vs Round Diamond

Oval Diamonds vs. Round Diamonds: Decoding the Brilliance

Round brilliant-cut diamonds and oval-cut diamonds rose to fame early on and are still in use today. They are a widely popular choice for engagement rings and exquisite jewellery. Whether we're talking about a naturally occurring diamond or a lab-grown diamond, these two diamond cuts both have a beautiful, elegant, and timeless form. Both diamonds work well in a variety of settings and offer a good amount of sparkle. But which should you pick? You can't go wrong with either option; we're here to tell you, but keep reading for a full breakdown of oval vs round diamond.  

What is an oval diamond?

Oval shape diamond are the ideal choice for any woman, because of their effortless grace and elegance. It is one of the fancy-shaped diamonds and is a beauty to behold. All oval diamonds have an elongated shape, which gives them a classy appearance. It doesn't have standardized length-to-width ratios, which allows the proportions to be chosen according to personal preference. Their shape looks beautiful on any finger and often appears larger than their actual carat size, which makes an oval engagement ring popular. Additionally, compared to other diamond shapes, oval diamonds can display more colour and might have more flaws in the core of the stone. 

What is a round diamond?

The most common type of diamond cut is a round cut. Round diamonds have been around for centuries, but it wasn't until the first decade of the 20th century that the cut of the round form was perfected, giving rise to the round brilliant cut diamond, which has 58 facets, or flat cuts. Regarding pure optics and light performance, no shape can match the round brilliant. The round cut beautifully complements both traditional and modern engagement rings, looking great on both. Round-cut engagement rings are available in a variety of designs. With a wide range ranging from solitaire to five-stone settings, everyone may discover a ring that matches their taste.

Oval vs round diamonds

Price Difference

When it comes to pricing, the 4C's of diamonds are the primary determinants of the price of a diamond. If price is your foremost priority while looking for a diamond, you can buy an oval diamond instead of a round-cut one. In addition, oval diamonds not only appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight but typically cost less. Due to their extreme popularity, round-cut diamonds are the most costly. Round-cut diamonds generate the most waste during the cutting process, raising the cost of these stones.

Oval vs round diamonds Size

The term "carat weight" describes a diamond's size. Both oval and round diamonds are available in a wide range of carat weights. Choose an oval cut diamond if the size is important. Oval cut diamonds will appear larger than round-cut diamonds of the same carat weight because they have a larger surface area. The table's depth and size are the two most important considerations. The appropriate table percentage for a round brilliant is 54-57%, while the ideal depth percentage is 59-63%. For an oval diamond shape, the appropriate table percentage ranges from 53-63%, while the ideal depth ranges from less than 68%. The fact that oval diamonds seem bigger than round diamonds helps you make the most of your cash. Oval cut diamonds provide the appearance of longer, slenderer fingers better than round-cut diamonds, which nonetheless look stunning on any finger.

Oval vs round diamonds Sparkle

Every movement causes a diamond to shine, which is an undeniable burst of brilliance, fire, and scintillation. If sparkle is important to you, then you should choose a round cut diamond instead of an oval cut diamond. How brilliant a diamond is will depend on how well it is cut. The oval diamond is one of the most dazzling among brilliant cuts. The shape and design provide the best possible fire, brightness, and scintillation. Overall, both round and oval diamonds will glitter exquisitely, but a round brilliant is suggested if you want the most brilliance possible.

Oval vs round diamonds Shape

Naturally, when we talk about shape, we don't just mean the obvious—that round diamonds are round and oval diamonds are oval. Round diamonds will always be exactly that—round. After all, the shape of a circle never changes. Ovals come in a variety of shapes, including fat, wide, long, or slender. With ovals, they can vary in shape—fat, wide, long, or slender. Oval diamonds come in a variety of shapes, much like their shape itself. Therefore, when purchasing a round diamond, you should only consider the table and depth percentage rather than the diamond's form. But you must take into account the diamond's true form when purchasing an oval diamond.

Oval vs round diamonds Colour

When purchasing oval diamonds, one of the 4Cs to take into account is colour. Round-cut diamonds are more likely than oval cut diamonds to conceal traces of yellow or brown due to their high brilliance and sparkle. Colour isn’t inherently a negative thing in a diamond, but if you pick an oval-cut diamond and want an icy-white diamond, you’ll need to be a bit more mindful of it. Even though round brilliants cost more in general, you may not need to buy such a high colour grade. With oval diamonds, the colour grade is more significant, particularly in the lower "near-colourless" range.

Oval vs round diamonds Popularity

By far, round brilliant diamonds are more popular. This is how the industry has shaped it. There is one oval diamond for every 25 round brilliants. Simply put, more round brilliants are made than other shapes. Oval diamonds are therefore more uncommon. All things considered, compared to other diamond shapes, oval diamonds continue to be a popular option. The oval diamond has ascended to the top of the list in recent years. Following are the current standings: oval, cushion, and round. Any of these choices will be seen as both fashionable and timeless. They are all consistently in demand, with the round brilliant at the forefront.

It is up to you and your tastes whether you choose an oval or round diamond. There is no correct or incorrect shape to select. Both of these diamond forms are timeless, will glitter magnificently, and have elegantly rounded edges that look great on any finger. Choose an oval-cut diamond if you're searching for something a little more distinctive. If you like something more classic, opt for a round-cut diamond. 

At V. Jayantilal & Co., a Surat-based diamond company, you will find high-quality diamonds at the best price. There will be a ton of gorgeous, high-quality selections available for you to select from. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are always happy to help lead you in the right direction and make your shopping experience informative and headache-free.

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