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The cushion cut diamond is a combination of a square cut with rounded edges and large facets. Its shape is much like a pillow. It is generally less brilliant than a round brilliant diamond but has more fire than any other diamond shape. A cushion cut diamond has gained popularity in the last few decades thanks to its elegant design and relatively low cost as compared to a round cut diamond; they are especially popular for halo settings in engagement rings.The cushion diamond is also referred to as the "old mine cut." Its timeless and classic appeal, with soft rounded edges and a squared shape, entices customers to purchase this diamond shape.

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Standard and Modified Brilliant Cushion Diamonds

Cushion diamonds are known for their variation in their cutting style and are classified into two main categories: standard cushion cut diamonds and modified cushion cut diamonds. The standard cushion cut diamond is similar to the old mine cut and has a vintage aesthetic with a romantic and classic shape. The modified cushion cut has characteristics similar to the round brilliant cut. Cushion shaped diamonds often cost 20–30% less as compared to round cut diamonds.

Quality Appeal

Depending on the level of quality you choose among the 4 Cs.Cushion cut diamond shapes are incredibly beautiful in all types of settings. Cushion cuts make a stunning look for any engagement ring because of its timeless appeal and modern, romantic charm. When choosing a cushion cut diamond, we recommend that you make sure it’s graded at least H or better for its color.

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