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Serving your faith since 1982. We craft diamonds that you will hold close to your heart that will set you a class apart.
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Diamond Manufacturers in Surat

V.Jayantilal diamond is a master in round diamonds, carving out an individual impression in the marketplace. Our journey couldn't be possible without our valuable clients, who believed in us, trusted us and helped us to be the best Diamond Manufacturer in Surat. We are committed to fulfilling the market's demands as a reputed firm. We at V.Jayantilal reach every extent to fulfil our client's expectations.
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Renowned For Precision

V. Jayantilal & Company has been deep-rooted in the diamond industry for over 40 years. We follow the "People, Product, and Price" model to maximize partners.
We have envisioned further expanding our reach to spread our quality services and sparkling diamonds all around the globe.
To manufacture and distribute the most unique and meticulously crafted diamonds and jewelry available in the market.
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  • Round Cut DiamondRound Cut Diamond Necklace
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    Round diamonds

    Traditionally Round Diamonds are considered the first and most popular diamond shapes. Round Diamonds, apart from the others, is their classic uniform and symmetrical shape, consisting of 58 facets, which qualifies them as the brilliant-cut. The faceting on the Round Diamonds also makes the color and inclusion appear better. 
    The Round Diamond is also considered as the symbol of Commitment. As a result, several people opt for this diamond in engagement rings. However, its demand is not limited to calls alone; people often choose them for necklaces and earrings. Since cutting a rough diamond into round shape results in a hefty loss of the stone, the retained carat on the Round Diamond fetches a higher cost. Despite that, 75% of the diamonds worldwide are Round Brilliant.
  • Radient Diamond Engagement Ring CompaniesEmerald Diamond ring
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    Emerald Diamond

    Emerald diamond cuts represent unification, as they are well proportioned and bring out pure brilliance. Also known as "step cut" because of the layered faceting, the emerald cut possesses unique appeal with symmetrical sparkle. The faceting is minimal and straightforward and therefore tends to show inclusions. The diamond has 58 facets, roughly 25 on the crown, 25 on the pavilion, and eight on the girdle with three rows of bottom and three rows of top steps.
    Emerald cut diamond engagement rings are very sophisticated, and this diamond cut is commonly thought to be relatively modern. However, emerald-cut diamonds have origins that can be traced back hundreds of years ago. This diamond cut is one of the oldest diamond shapes. Emerald cut gold engagement rings are surging in popularity, but each metal can give your crew a distinct look. White gold is, of course, the most popular. But more brides-to-be are opting for rose gold for its romantic symbolism, and yellow gold lends a vintage feel that some people adore.
  • Oval diamondOval diamond bracelet
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    Oval Diamond

    Oval Diamond is simply an extended version of the Round brilliant cut diamond. It gathers attention all around the world for its brilliance and unique shape. It is considered a fashionable diamond cut, and when cut properly, it can look more prominent than a Round Diamond. 
    Bursting with brilliance and fire, an Oval Cut Diamond is exquisite and unique. The Oval is considered a "fancy" shape; the elongated design appears more significant than other shapes of the same carat weight. Oval-cut diamonds are versatile, meaning they can look good in just about any setting. In terms of style, you can design an oval-cut diamond ring with almost any kind of setting, from vintage to side stone.
  • cushion diamondcushion diamond
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    Cushion diamond

    Cushion Diamond is often referred to as mine cut or old mine cut diamonds. Its name is derived from the shape of the diamond itself, which is in close resemblance to that of a cushion with four corners. Generally, Cushion Diamonds are rated lower than Round Diamonds. Still, they have more fire. 
    It is believed that the soft rounded corners attract buyers towards them. This is why Cushion Diamonds are currently the third most popular diamonds globally. Cushion Diamond's modern or mine cut has 64 facets compared to the old mine cut, which only had 58. The contemporary amount also has more brilliance in comparison to his old counterpart. 
    At times the Cushion Diamonds are the closest thing to a Princess Diamond, in shape. Still, one must remember that several characteristics will help people distinguish between the two types.

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Our Diamonds are an Experience

With immense experience gained from our consistent work in this field over many years, V.Jayantilal diamond successfully managed to become one of the Top Diamond company. Round diamonds are our differentiator. Moreover, our passion and work style is to give our customers no less than the best. Our journey would not have been possible without our valuable customers, who kept their trust in us and helped us to grow to this level. Every diamond produced by V.Jayantilal Diamonds is of top-end quality. Our job is to deliver excellent results that meet the customer's requirements.
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Renowned For Precision
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Best Diamond Company in Mumbai

Our diamonds are of elegant quality and stand in with international standards. Hence it makes V.Jayantilal one of the best diamond company in Mumbai. For many years, our diamonds have been in continuous demand in multiple nations worldwide. Our diamonds show our irreplaceable product quality and continuous customer satisfaction.
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Providing Best Quality

As a group of companies, we rose from the low rungs of diamond cutting to the upper echelons of the industry by sheer dedication and devotion. We have been manufacturing scintillating diamonds and serving your trust with quality service since 1982.
Top Diamond Company in Surat
Renowned For Precision
  • diamond machine
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  • Diamond Shape Round
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Serving Your Best Interest

Keeping our employees, business partners, and customers happy is our main priority; we aim to meet and exceed their expectations by operating ethically and reliably, leading with ingenious innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Beyond delivering the best "product" at a highly competitive "price," we believe in exceeding the standards of all the "people" associated with V.Jayantilal & Company.
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Our Company's Locations

We are a group of companies – V. Jayantilal & Co. (Mumbai-Surat), Jayvi (HK) Limited, Diam Rough DMCC (Dubai), Jayvidiam N.V (Antwarpen), Jayvidiam (Israel) Ltd, Jayvidiam PTY LTD(Australia). We want to take the opportunity to do business with you.
Globally renowned Diamond company

Mumbai, India.

V.Jayatilal & Co

CC-3181, Bharat Diamond Bourse,
Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra East, Mumbai – 400 051


Jayvi (HK) Limited

Room 901 9/F, Hart Avenue Plaza,
5-9 Hart Avenue Tsim Sha Tsui,


Jayvidiam LTD

1005-7, Noam Building, 23,
Tuval Street, Ramat Gan – 52521,


Jayvidiam N.V

Hovenierstraat 30, Bus 178,Office 146,
2018 Antwarpen,

Dubai UAE

Diam Rough DMCC

Unit No.15-B, Almas Tower, Plot No.Lt-2,
Jumeirah Lake Towers,P.O.Box 625826,
Dubai UAE

Surat, India.

V.Jayatilal & Co

No-201/202, 2nd Floor, Plot – 95/B,
Prayosha Diamond Building,
Sagar Industrial Society,
Vasta Devdi Road,
Surat - 395004


Jayvidiam PTY LTD

Suits 113 120 Bourke street,
NSW 2011


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