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Diamond Bangles


When it comes to adorning oneself with elegant jewellery, diamond bangles stand out as timeless and captivating pieces. These exquisite accessories represent grace and sophistication in addition to adding a dash of luxury. There are a few important things to take into account when purchasing a diamond bangle, whether you're buying it for yourself or a loved one. Natural diamonds are the traditional choice for any diamond jewellery or engagement ring. If you’re looking for jewellery that will stand the test of time and be an heirloom, natural diamonds are the way to go. The important factors to take into account before purchasing a diamond bracelet are covered in this article.

Technical Factors to Consider While Buying Diamond Bangles

Diamond Quality

The most important factor in your bangle is probably the quality of the diamonds, which can be confirmed using their grades (4Cs: cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight).

  • Cut: A diamond's overall appearance and brilliance are directly influenced by its cut. A well-cut diamond sparkles brilliantly because it reflects light so well. Seek diamonds with very good to excellent cut grades.
  • Colour: Diamonds are available in a variety of colours, from colourless to pale yellow or brown. Colourless or nearly colourless diamonds (graded D to J on the colour scale) are the most sought-after kind of diamonds. The less colour a diamond has, the higher its value.
  • Clarity: Inclusions and blemishes, which are external or internal defects, are referred to as clarity. The fewer these imperfections, the higher the diamond’s clarity grade. Consider diamonds with clarity grades of VS1 to SI1 for a balance between quality and value.
  • Carat Weight: The diamond's size is determined by its carat weight. While larger diamonds are generally more valuable, striking a balance between size and quality is essential. Go for the carat weight to suit your style preferences and budget.

Bangles Size and Fit

Ensuring your diamond bangle’s correct size and fit is crucial for comfort and aesthetics. A too-tight bangle might be uncomfortable to wear, while one too-loose could slide off unexpectedly. Here’s how to determine the right size:

  • Determine Your Wrist Size: Measure your wrist with a flexible tape measure or use a piece of string to mark your wrist’s circumference. Remember that bangles must fit over your hand, so when measuring, take into account the widest portion of your hand.
  • Choose the Bangle Diameter: The standard unit of measurement for bracelet sizes is diameter, which ranges from extra small (2.25 inches) to extra-large (3 inches). Select a diameter that comfortably accommodates your hand and wrist measurements.
  • Consider the Width: The width of the bangle can also affect how it fits on your wrist. Wider bangles may require a slightly larger size for a comfortable fit.
  • Try Before You Buy: If possible, try on the bangle in-store to ensure it slides comfortably over your hand and fits snugly on your wrist without being too tight.
  • Consider Your Stack: If the diamond bangle is going to be worn in a stack with other bracelets, think about how the pieces will fit together. Make sure they are all comfortable.

Budget Considerations

The cost of diamond bangles varies based on the brand's reputation, the quality of the diamonds, and the complexity of the design. Setting a budget before shopping can help narrow your options and prevent overspending.

Find out what the going rates are for diamond bracelets that fit your style preferences. Keep in mind that while you might want the highest quality and most elaborate design, there are often ways to find a balance between quality and cost.

Purchasing a diamond bangle is a significant investment in money and sentiment and requires careful consideration. By selecting CaratLane, you can ease your burden due to its unquestionable reputation for the quality of diamonds, bangle designs, certification, and extensive price range. A diamond bangle is a piece of jewellery that will be cherished for generations to come, whether it is given as a present to a loved one or kept for oneself. 

Diamond Setting

There are many different setting styles for diamond bangles, and each has a unique look. Among the common setting styles are:

  • Claw Setting: The diamond stone is held in place by metal prongs or claws in the claw setting, which allows a great deal of light to enter and maximises sparkle.
  • Rubover Setting: The metal protects the diamonds in this kind of setting by wrapping the stone on all sides. It is ideal for people who perform a lot of work with their hands daily. However, this setting limits the sparkle as it restricts the light from entering the stone.
  • Channel Setting: In a channel setting, metal strips securely hold a row of diamonds. Although it offers 100% protection, it does not permit light from entering the diamond stone and limits the sparkle.
  • Pave Setting: The tiny beads in a pave setting are largely responsible for keeping the diamonds in place. As a result, it makes the ornament sparkle more throughout.
  • Illusion Setting: Every diamond stone in the illusion setting is surrounded by ridged metal. This creates the illusion that the diamond stone is much bigger than its original size. Thus, the price of the overall diamond jewellery will be less.
  • Halo Setting: Smaller diamonds are set around the central diamond like a halo. This creates a modern and rich look and increases the overall sparkle.
  • Cluster Setting: A cluster setting, as the name implies, features many diamonds to create a distinctive design.
  • Prong Setting: In this timeless diamond bangle design, the diamonds are secured by metal prongs, maximising light exposure for a stunning sparkle.
  • Bezel Setting: Metal encircles the diamonds, giving them a safe and stylish appearance.

Metal Type

The choice of metal can significantly influence the overall appearance of your diamond bangle. 

  • Yellow Gold: Classic and timeless, yellow gold complements the warm sparkle of diamonds.
  • White Gold: White gold is a popular option for a chic, contemporary style that brings out the brilliance of diamonds.
  • Rose Gold: With its romantic and feminine hue, rose gold adds a touch of warmth and uniqueness to your bangle.

Popular Diamond Bangles Designs

The diamond bangle designs in India vary greatly. You can find bangles that are plain or adorned with gemstones. The most popular diamond bangles for women include:

➛ Multi-Row Diamond Bangle

There are several rows of diamonds set in the metal in this design. Round diamond bangles are the most popular ones. Typically you should wear 1-3 bangles of this style at a time. They tend to be heavier than other styles—a great addition to a romantic night out.

➛ Partially Diamond Embellished Floral Style Bangle

This bangle features a metal band with a floral motif. The flowers are usually adorned with round or oval diamonds. This style is very elegant and dainty. Due to its light and comfortable fit, it is perfect for special occasions or as an everyday accessory.

➛ Wave Pattern Diamond Bangle

This bangle features a metal band with a wave pattern. Usually, wave pattern design is adorned with round and oval diamond bangles. For those who prefer a more understated and subtle look, the wave pattern diamond bangle is popular. This type of bangle is also very comfortable to wear. 


You can expand your bracelet collection with diamond bangles if you're a fan of diamonds. A diamond bangle bracelet enhances any look with its durability and fancy design. V. Jayantilal & Co., a top diamond company in Surat offer an impressive range of different diamond cuts, like round, oval, emerald, and cushion, for any special occasion.

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