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Emerald diamonds are a unique and elegant class of diamond cut; unlike other diamond shapes, which are brilliant cut, emerald cut diamonds are a style of step cut with many long and parallel lines. The emerald cut diamond is known for its "hall of mirrors" effect, which is created by the arrangement of the linear step cut facets in parallel lines. This diamond has great appeal because of its long, elegant shape.

Compared to other fancy diamond shapes, emerald cut diamonds tend to look larger. Diamonds with an emerald cut are known for their beauty and brilliance. Despite not sparkling as much as a brilliant cut diamond, they are still incredibly appealing. So buy emerald diamond with a precise cut and shape is a must.

Emerald Cut Diamonds Ring
Emerald Cut Diamond

Elegnace of Emerald diamond

In an emerald diamond, clarity is the most important of the 4 c's.  Numerous tiny facets in the brilliant cut design make defects and blemishes more difficult to see.On the other hand, because emerald cut diamonds are step cut with large, parallel, open facets, it is very easy to see blemishes and inclusions inside the diamond.

If the diamond has a narrow, rectangular shape, it is an emerald diamond, and if the diamond has a square shape, it is an Asscher cut diamond. The Asscher diamond has 57 facets and is similar to an emerald cut diamond. It features a small table, a high crown, a deep pavilion, and cut corners.

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At V. Jayantilal, buy Emerald diamond, as it is important to pay attention to the color and clarity and select the highest grade possible within your budget. The large facets and open table of this diamond cut make color and inclusions more noticeable than with other diamond cuts.

Emerald Cut Diamonds
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