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A Common Mistake to Avoid When Buying an Oval Diamond

Choosing the perfect oval diamond is an exhilarating yet intricate process that involves navigating through a myriad of considerations to ensure you make a wise and satisfying purchase. The allure of the oval shape lies in its elegant and elongated form, often praised for its ability to create an illusion of length on the finger. 

However, the journey to finding the ideal oval diamond is not without its challenges, as there are common pitfalls that prospective buyers may encounter.

In this blog, we will delve into the intricate details of the common oval diamond buying mistakes. From the essential considerations of the Four Cs – Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight – to the often overlooked aspects like length-to-width ratio, bowtie effect, and symmetry, each facet contributes to the overall beauty and value of the diamond.

By understanding and sidestepping these potential pitfalls, you can empower yourself to make an informed and confident choice, ensuring that the oval diamond you select not only meets your expectations but also becomes a timeless symbol of elegance and enduring beauty. 

Join us on this insightful journey to unravel the intricacies of oval diamond selection, and discover the keys to making a purchase that reflects your unique style, values, and budget constraints.

To help you make an informed decision, let's delve into the details of these oval diamond buying mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Neglecting the Four Cs:

  • Cut: The quality of the cut plays a significant role in the oval diamond's brilliance and overall appearance. When an oval cut diamond is well-cut, it exhibits a balanced and symmetrical shape, ensuring that light is properly reflected. To avoid this oval diamond buying mistakes, look for a diamond with a good cut grade. Avoid too shallow or deep diamonds, as they may lack sparkle.
  • Color: Oval diamonds are graded on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown). While D-F diamonds are considered colourless and are highly prized, those in the G-J range are near-colourless and can offer good value without compromising on beauty. Consider your personal preference and budget when choosing the color grade that suits you.
  • Clarity: The presence of inclusions or blemishes can impact a diamond's clarity. Oval diamonds typically hide inclusions well due to their rounded edges, making them less visible. A clarity grade of VS1 to VS2 is often a good choice, as flaws are unlikely to be visible without magnification. You can save on clarity without compromising on the diamond's visual appeal.
  • Carat Weight: Carat weight affects both the size and cost of the diamond. While larger carat weights can be impressive, it's crucial to balance this with your budget and the overall quality of the diamond. A well-chosen balance between carat weight and the other three Cs ensures a stunning oval cut diamond.

Ignoring Diamond Certification:

A certified diamond provides a guarantee of quality and authenticity. Reputable gemological laboratories like GIA and AGS assess the characteristics of the diamond and provide a certification report. 

To avoid oval diamond buying mistakes, always ask for and verify the diamond's certification to ensure that the diamond's description matches what you're purchasing.

Not Considering the Length-to-Width Ratio:

The length-to-width ratio significantly influences the diamond's overall appearance. Oval diamonds come in various ratios, with a classic range typically falling between 1.30 to 1.50. However, personal preference plays a critical role. 

Some prefer a more elongated oval, while others prefer a balanced shape. To avoid this oval diamond buying mistakes, choose the best oval diamond ratio that aligns with your aesthetic taste.

Neglecting the Bowtie Effect:

The bowtie effect is a shadow or dark area that may appear in the center of some oval diamonds due to their cut. To avoid disappointment, carefully inspect the diamond in various lighting conditions to assess the presence and intensity of the bowtie effect. 

A well-cut oval diamond should have a minimal or imperceptible bowtie effect, as it can detract from the diamond's beauty.

Forgetting About Symmetry:

Good symmetry is vital for oval diamonds, directly influencing their overall appearance. Check if the diamond's two halves are mirror images of each other and if the points at each end align correctly. 

To avoid oval diamond buying mistakes, ensure that the diamond you choose displays excellent symmetry, as poor symmetry can result in an unattractive or unbalanced oval shape.

Inadequate Setting Consideration:

The choice of setting has a considerable impact on how the oval cut diamond looks when worn. Different settings complement oval diamonds differently. Halo settings, solitaires, and three-stone settings are popular choices. 

Ensure that the chosen setting enhances the diamond's appearance, complements your style, and provides security. Neglecting this aspect can result in a less-than-ideal presentation of the diamond.

Disregarding Personal Preferences:

While the four Cs and other objective factors are crucial, personal preferences should not be ignored. Oval diamonds come in a variety of shapes, and individual tastes vary. 

Take your time to explore various options and choose a diamond that resonates with your style and aesthetic preferences. What appeals to one person may not be the same for another.

Rushing the Purchase:

Impulse buying is a common mistake to avoid. Rushing the purchase without adequate research and comparison can lead to regret later on. Take your time to explore different options, visit multiple jewelers or browse reputable online retailers, and gather information to make an informed decision. 

A well-thought-out purchase is more likely to result in a diamond that meets your expectations.

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Focusing Solely on Price:

While sticking to your budget is essential, obsessing solely over the Oval diamond price factors can lead to sacrificing quality. 

Consider the value you're getting for your budget. Prioritize the factors that matter most to you. It's worth investing in a quality oval diamond that aligns with your preferences and that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Disregarding the Seller's Reputation:

Be cautious about buying oval diamond online. Purchase from reputable jewellers with a history of ethical practices and quality products. 

Read reviews, ask for referrals, and ensure that the seller provides a clear return and exchange policy. Avoid buying from unknown or unverified sources, as it can lead to disappointment and potential issues down the road.

Purchasing an natural oval diamond involves careful consideration of multiple factors, including the four Cs, personal preferences, and budget constraints. 

Avoiding common oval diamond buying mistakes, such as neglecting the four Cs, ignoring certification, and not considering the length-to-width ratio, is crucial to ensuring that your oval diamond is a stunning and valuable investment. 

Take your time, do thorough research, and select a diamond that aligns with your style, values, and financial capacity. 

At V. Jayantilal & co., we are passionate about providing high-quality oval diamonds in different carat sizes and the best customer service. 

Celebrity Oval Diamond Rings

The extended form of a marquise and the brilliance of a round brilliant cut are combined in oval-cut diamonds. Oval-cut diamonds are a contemporary fusion of various exquisite forms, created in the 1950s. These are our top picks for oval-cut diamonds seen by famous people.

Celebrity Oval Diamond Rings:

1) Blake Lively:

Blake Lively Oval Diamond Rings

Our favorite celebrity couple, Blake and Ryan’s relationship is full of fun and laughter, so it makes sense that Blake’s engagement ring is just as sparkling and full of life.

Blake Lively received her iconic oval-cut diamond engagement ring when Ryan Reynolds proposed. The ring features a stunning, approximately 12-carat oval diamond set on a rose gold band. The choice of an oval cut provides a classic and timeless look with a modern twist. Blake’s engagement ring is perfection in diamond form and we seriously can’t get enough.

The oval shape is known for its elongated appearance, making fingers appear more slender and elegant. This particular ring showcases the beauty of simplicity and has become a symbol of their love and commitment. 

2) Hailey Baldwin (Bieber):

Justin Bieber made sure that there would be one less lonely girl by asking Hailey to marry him.

Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Baldwin with a massive oval-cut diamond ring. The ring's center stone is an elongated oval diamond, estimated to be around 10 carats, set on a simple gold band. The diamond is known for its impressive size and brilliant sparkle.

Hailey's celebrity oval diamond rings represent the idea that sometimes, less is more. The ring is a statement of their love and has undoubtedly become a conversation piece.

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3) Beyoncé:

Beyoncé's engagement ring is one of the most iconic in the world. Jay-Z proposed with a massive 18-carat oval-cut diamond. The diamond's size and exceptional quality are the ring's defining features, making it a symbol of luxury and extravagance.

Beyoncé's ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a testament to their love and success. It's often seen as a representation of power and success in the entertainment industry.

4) Ariana Grande:

Dalton Gomez proposed to Ariana Grande with a unique oval-cut diamond ring. The ring features an elongated oval diamond with a pearl and a diamond halo. The pearl adds a distinctive touch, making it a one-of-a-kind piece.

Ariana's engagement ring showcases her individuality and style. It's a symbol of her love story and her personality, blending classic elegance with a hint of uniqueness.

5) Katie Holmes:

Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes with a classic oval-cut diamond ring. The ring is a symbol of their engagement and their time together. The simplicity and timelessness of the design are key elements of its charm.

Katie's ring is reminiscent of a bygone era, and it captures the essence of traditional romance and commitment.

6) Reese Witherspoon:

Reese Witherspoon received a 4-carat oval-cut diamond engagement ring when Jim Toth proposed to her. The ring is set on a simple, diamond-studded band, which adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the design.

Reese's ring is a symbol of their love story, representing their commitment to each other. The oval diamond's classic appeal is complemented by the delicate diamond accents on the band.

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7) Kate Middleton:

Kate Middleton - Celebrity Oval Diamond Ring

Although not a celebrity in the traditional sense, Kate Middleton's engagement ring is iconic. Prince William proposed to her with a beautiful oval sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds. The ring once belonged to Princess Diana, adding historical significance.

Kate's ring is a symbol of royalty and tradition. It carries a legacy and represents a new chapter in the British monarchy.

8) Miranda Kerr:

Evan Spiegel proposed to Miranda Kerr with a classic oval-cut diamond engagement ring. The ring's simplicity and elegance reflect the supermodel's style and sophistication.

Miranda's ring symbolizes her love and commitment to Evan, as well as her enduring presence in the fashion and entertainment industry.

9) Sophie Turner:

Sophie Turner - Celebrity Oval Diamond Ring

Joe Jonas proposed to Sophie Turner with a double-banded unique celebrity engagement rings. The double band adds a contemporary and modern twist to the classic celebrity oval diamond rings.

Sophie's ring is symbolic of her love story with Joe. The double band represents the union of two people and their unique connection.

10) Gwyneth Paltrow:

Brad Falchuk proposed to Gwyneth Paltrow with an exquisite oval-cut diamond engagement ring featuring a solitaire setting. The ring is a beautiful example of timeless elegance.

Gwyneth's ring symbolizes their commitment and love. The oval diamond's classic style makes it an enduring choice for an engagement ring.

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Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring

This ring is as iconic as the person who chose it for her engagement. The ring was chosen by the Princess herself out of Garrard’s catalog instead of continuing the tradition of getting a custom-made jewel. It features a 12-carat royal blue oval sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds set on an 18k white gold band. 

The prong setting enables the halo to produce an oval setting in place of a snowflake setting. This celebrity engagement ring's price is around 300.000 to 400,000 dollars.

Lana Condor’s Oval-Cut Diamond Ring

You will be overjoyed to hear that Lana Condor, your favorite heroine from Netflix's smash movie To All the Boys I've Loved Before, is now engaged. Lana announced her engagement to her boyfriend, Anthony De La Torre, on Instagram. Their wow-worthy engagement photoshoot (two cute pooches included) showed off Lana’s gorgeous oval-cut sparkler.

A 3-carat oval-cut diamond set in yellow gold is said to be the focal point of the ring, with smaller diamonds set on the shank.

Inspired by the magic of this classic-meets-modern oval-cut diamond sparkler? Then, we’ve got just the ring that’ll make you go ooh and aah!

Amber Rose

Rapper Wiz Khalifa and actress Amber Rose got married in 2013, but they broke up three years later. Amber’s engagement ring included a 10-carat oval cut diamond in a clean, traditional solitaire shape. It’s a gorgeous diamond that doesn’t need any decoration to shine.

Jennifer Anniston

We had to include Jennifer Aniston's engagement ring even though it isn't exactly the modern oval cut. It’s just too beautiful to ignore! A 10-carat antique rose cut, which sits flat to the finger, this shape has no pavilion. 

Congratulations to Justin for recognizing what would be most memorable to his A-list fiancé at the time—rose-cut engagement rings are very uncommon these days. The couple was married for three years before calling it quits. 

Jasmine Tookes 

Discovered that Ritani is the source of model Jasmine Tookes' engagement ring. The stunning solitaire Celebrity oval engagement ring gold features a 7-carat oval-cut diamond. Tookes became engaged to Juan David Borrero, a Snapchat executive, in 2020, and the two tied the knot in Ecuador in 2021. Their nuptial ceremony was simply amazing.

Kourtney Kardashian

Travis Barker planned a dreamy beachside proposal for Kourtney Kardashian, where he showed her an engagement ring with an oval-cut diamond believed to weigh between 10 and 12 carats. The dreamlike ring has a delicate pavé diamond band and a concealed halo. The couple supposedly intends to tie the knot in 2022 spring!

Simone Biles

The world-renowned Olympic gymnast became engaged to Houston Texans safety Jonathan Owens on Valentine's Day 2022. The extremely high-quality oval-cut center stone is a 3-carat, F color, VVS2 clarity diamond according to the jeweler, ZoFrost, who crafted it. Three-row pavé, which lines diamonds on the top and sides of the ring to create sparkle from every angle, is the setting that Owens chose.

These iconic celebrity oval diamond rings represent a range of styles and tastes, from classic and traditional to unique and modern. They not only symbolize love and commitment but also serve as symbols of the individuality and personal style of the celebrities who wear them. Each of these rings has a unique story, making them iconic in their own right. If you’re looking to find your dream oval diamond for an engagement ring.

At V. Jayantilal & co., we create tailor-made celebrity oval diamond rings. This means that you can get inspired by any of these celebrity oval engagement rings and put your personal touch with our high-quality oval diamond.

Our Professionals are available to assist you at every turn. Get in touch with our expert today!

Nothing makes an impression like a diamond; other jewels might be impressive, but there is something unique about a diamond that is classy and brilliant.

People continue to be drawn to diamonds of various clarity, color, carats, and cuts because of this indescribable quality. This includes diamonds with oval cuts and symmetrical gems that sparkle and are charming. Oval-cut diamonds are stylish and sophisticated. 

At V. Jayantilal & Co., we offer a huge range of GIA-certified diamonds to all our clients in need, including a wide selection of oval-cut options. 

Before adding one to your anniversary necklace or engagement ring, what exactly should you think about? This guide will walk you through the basics and explore the pros and cons of oval diamonds to ensure your diamond is one you’ll treasure forever.  

What is an Oval Diamond?

The oval-cut diamond was created in the early 1960's by Lazare Kaplan. Despite having a more elongated shape and some similarities to the round diamond, the oval can appear larger than its actual carat weight. 

The elongation of an oval-shaped diamond is what allows an oval to appear larger than its actual weight and it's the reason why many lean towards oval-cut diamond engagement rings. 

Pros and Cons of Oval Diamond

Pros of Oval Diamond

There are many advantages of oval shaping diamonds, here are the main benefits:

More Affordable

You may get a larger diamond for your budget since an oval-cut diamond will be less expensive than a round-cut diamond same carat and clarity. Up to 30% less money might be spent on an oval-cut diamond than on a round diamond. 

If you like a setting with a large diamond, an oval-cut diamond is a fantastic cheap alternative since its larger surface area makes it appear larger than a round cut of the same size.

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More Sparkle

A diamond’s sparkle and brilliance are determined by the way it is cut, and the oval cut is one of the brightest cuts of all. When you choose a ring with an oval-cut center stone, you are guaranteed a brilliant sparkle on your finger.

Slimming Effect on Fingers

If you are searching for a slimming effect, the oval form of the diamond can make a woman’s fingers seem longer and slimmer. Always try different-shaped stones before making your pick to ensure the form of your ring matches your finger.

Doesn’t Catch or Scratch

There are no sharp corners on an oval cut diamond, so it is great practical wear for every day. Any diamond with angular edges is likely to snag on objects as you go about your daily business, increasing the chance that the prongs holding the stone in place will shatter. The prongs of an oval diamond are much less prone to shatter than those of a square-cut diamond.

Your Choice of Settings

Not only is the oval-cut diamond a more original choice in itself, but you can also choose from a variety of settings. You can choose between a 4-prong, 6-prong, or bezel setting for an oval-cut stone. Due to the oval shape of the diamond's design, which makes it less prone to catch, a four-prong setting can be sufficient to keep the diamond secure. 

Although a smaller diamond may be overshadowed by the additional metal, the six-prong setting does give the added protection of a secure grip. Alternately, a bezel setting is a strip of metal encircling the stone and holding it securely in place.

A Larger-Looking Diamond

Oval-cut diamonds are a fantastic deal since they produce a stone that appears bigger than it actually is. This is so that we can trace the longest lines of an oval with our eyes and measure it from top to bottom. 

In terms of actual size, an oval diamond is cut shallower than a round diamond, which means that it has more surface area, sometimes up to 10% than a round diamond.

A Brilliant-Cut

The pros and cons of oval diamond is a fantastic choice if you're looking for a brilliant diamond because of its famed brightness and exceptional light performance. The oval cuts' faceting structure and alignment, which improves light contact, are the cause of this. Similar to the round brilliant, the oval cut features 58 carefully placed facets all over its surface.

A Unique Shape

The oval cut is a great choice if you're looking for a traditional diamond with a distinctive twist. The oval cut has a conventionally round appearance, but its elongated shape is unique.

Elongates Your Fingers

Due to the oval cut's lengthier form, which gives the appearance of longer fingers, the wearer's fingers tend to seem thin and long. For brides with short or wide fingers, the oval is an excellent option when set vertically.

Good at hiding color and flaws

One of the benefits of oval shape diamond is its ability to hide flaws, thanks to its brilliant facets. With the oval cut, you can go lower on the clarity and color scales than you would be able to with the majority of other diamond cuts because of its forgiving nature. 

We advise lowering the value for clarity to SI1 or SI2 for the best result, and for color, try lowering the value to H or even I. Remember not to go based on grading alone, but check out each diamond individually before you buy an oval diamond.

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No sharp corners

The absence of sharp corners that may catch on things or cause harm is one of the finest features of rounded diamond shapes. Only the oval, cushion, and round diamond forms are included in this group.

This can seem like a minor point, but it has an impact on the diamond's overall longevity and the available setting possibilities. It is simpler to care for and keep an oval diamond since it needs less protection than, say a princess, marquise, or a pear.

Versatile with many design options

The oval diamond comes in a few distinct configurations, depending on the length-to-width ratio that you pick. You now have more options for looks and versatility. While the most frequent length-to-width ratio for oval diamonds is about 1.45, this figure may range from 1.33 (a broader oval) to 1.66 (a narrower oval). The most conventional oval cuts fall within this range, whereas those that fall outside of it result in thicker and squatter oval, respectively.

Because of the oval shape, you can also choose different orientations, from diagonal to horizontal placement of the diamond. These options are not available with a round or princess cut because these shapes are the same from all angles.

Cons of Oval Diamond

Despite the oval cut diamond's many benefits, there are a few significant drawbacks to be aware of These include:

Bow tie effect

When the cut of the stone prevents light from reflecting back from the center, bowties form. This frequently results from mismatched facets. Now, a little bit of bow tie can enhance the elegance and definition of your diamond's appearance, but it shouldn't be overdone. All oval cuts have some degree of bowtie, but if it’s the first thing you notice when you look at your diamond, it’s best to opt for a different stone.

Unfortunately, since exotic cuts like oval cuts are not graded by diamond grading laboratories, the only method to determine whether your oval diamond has a good cut is to carefully examine it and see how it responds to light. Since bowties are not included in grading reports, it is important to individually inspect each pros and cons of oval diamond before choosing one.

Shows flaws

The oval cut does tend to highlight any flaws, blemishes, and inclusions within the diamond, so you will need a clarity of VS1 or above and a color of G or above to make the most of your purchase. The good news is that, as oval-cut diamond rings are cheaper than comparable round cuts, you can afford to invest in higher clarity and color.

Symmetry can be off

If the symmetry of the oval cut isn’t perfect, the diamond can look slightly wonky or off-center. Look for mirror images with the same sides. If the stone has been cut inexpertly, it’ll show. This is why it’s not easy to find a beautifully cut oval diamond and you’ll have to spend some time searching before you find the right one.


Overall, the oval cut diamond is an excellent option if you want a larger high-quality stone with plenty of extra sparkle at an affordable price. Take care to assess the color and clarity of your chosen diamond, and you will have a unique spectacular diamond ring. Ultimately, choose a diamond you love. An oval-cut diamond may be worth the extra money if its long form and sparkling pattern make you swoon. At V. Jayantilal & co., we ensure that each of our diamond alternatives outshines in terms of color and clarity.

Setting the Stage Discover the Perfect Oval Diamond Ring Setting

Setting the Stage: Discover the Perfect Oval Diamond Ring Setting

An oval diamond ring is the perfect choice if you want your engagement ring to look stunning. Oval Cut Diamonds are known for their uniqueness and timeless charm. Its elongated design makes it appear larger to the eye than other diamond cuts of the same carat weight.

Now that you’ve settled on the oval cut, you’ll want to be sure to select the perfect setting for it. There are a variety of oval diamond ring settings, so long as you tailor them to the shape and demands of the center stone.

What is an Oval-Cut Diamond?

As the name suggests, an oval-cut diamond is a symmetrical, elongated, and rounded shape. With their larger surface area. If you prefer a bigger diamond, an oval cut makes an impressive and economical option. Its slender shape can also make the finger appear longer and slimmer. An oval diamond cut has triangle, star, bezel, and kite-shaped facet patterns on the table anatomy with a 60-degree angle and soft curving edges. Also, the oval cut diamond’s middle girdle facets are swallowed from the left to the right side, but the north-to-south surfaces are narrower. This makes oval-shaped engagement rings an ideal selection for all ring styles.

The oval diamond is egg-shaped because its faceting patterns aren’t matched in other shapes of structures like squares or rectangles. An oval-shaped diamond has 57 facets on the crown, girdle, and pavilion anatomy.

Why Choose an Oval Diamond Ring for Engagement?

There are three reasons to choose an oval-cut diamond for an engagement ring: the attractive faceting patterns, more length, and being the best alternative to round-cut diamonds. The factors mentioned above play a vital role in oval-cut diamond engagement rings.

Let’s understand them in depth.

57 Fancy-Shaped Faces on the Anatomy

An oval diamond has four numbers of shapes facets triangles, bezels, stars, and kites. These shaped facets help the diamond anatomy receive and issue the most precious lightning resonations in a proper way. The brilliance reflection in an oval diamond cut depends on the faceting patterns. That’s all.

The fancy-shaped faceting patterns make the oval-shaped rings preferable for engagements. In all engagement ring settings, the oval diamond shape sustains and preserves the brilliant reflections; that are eye-catching for anyone.

Same Length As Emerald Diamond Cut

Oval and emerald diamond cuts have the same length because they have been used as an alternative option. The reason for the oval diamond's length is that it has soft banding edges that comply with the girdle and crown anatomy.

The length of the oval-cut diamond is acceptable for solitaire to halo settings in all gold variations.

While talking about an emerald-cut diamond’s length, a parallel facet is responsible for that. Due to the parallel faceting patterns, it needs more space to determine the flow of light reflections.

The fact is that 90°-angled faceting styles are found in the emerald diamond cut. Therefore, the emerald diamond cut has more length.

The Best Alternative to the Round Cut Diamond

The oval diamond cut is an alternative to the round diamond cut because they have the same facets in their anatomy. But an oval-shaped diamond has one more benefit than a round cut. The oval diamond has a length that covers the size of the finger in the engagement ring.

For this reason, an oval diamond is used as an alternative to a round diamond. The price for a round cut and an oval diamond shape isn't the same. The oval diamond shape is cheaper than the round-cut diamond.

Moreover, the oval diamond is suitable for all kinds of ring styles.

The Best Oval Diamond Ring Setting


A halo setting is a popular choice for oval-cut rings. A halo setting is the best way to enhance your ring if a larger center stone is out of your price range because it magnifies the fire and brilliance of an oval cut's natural brilliance. The halo setting for oval diamond ring is the perfect choice for those who are looking for maximum sparkle.

Three Stone

A three-stone oval engagement ring represents the factors of romance, dedication, and commitment in a love relationship. An oval-cut diamond with a three-stone ring design makes a proposal moment memorable because of its reflective appearance on the hands. 

If you want customized antique cut diamonds as accent stones, they're available in a baguette, hexagon, bullet, trillion, emerald, round, or Asscher cut. Then decide on a metal tone based on your preferences and price range.


The solitaire is perhaps the most popular oval diamond ring setting because it so beautifully allows the unique shape and brilliance of the center stone to stand out. 

Even if you can’t afford a celebrity-sized stone, a solitaire oval diamond ring setting can be an elegant way to showcase your diamond. You could vary the color of the band to add a glamorous, chic twist to your look. Rose gold works particularly well with oval-cut diamonds. To make your ring stand out while keeping it elegant in a solitaire setting, think about adding a pop of color.

Side Stone

It’s less common to see an oval diamond ring setting with prominent side stones, but if you choose complementary cuts, it can be a rare thing of beauty. 

A half-moon diamond is a good compromise if you prefer a rounded appearance. Avoid a setting with large round stones on the side because their shape clashes with the elongated symmetry of the oval shape.


Choosing an antique oval diamond ring setting may seem counter-intuitive given that the oval cut wasn't invented until the 1960s. But there are many lovely vintage-inspired settings that will go fantastically with an oval diamond.

Since so few people choose this setting option for an oval diamond, if you select an antique setting, your ring is more likely to be truly unique. It’s the perfect way to blend the timeless elegance of the past with modernity and show the world that you alone define your style. 


One of the best settings for oval diamonds ring is the prong. The majority of the stone can be seen due to the traditional mounting type, which lets more light penetrate the diamond and raises its brightness.

Most prong settings feature four or six prongs. Four prongs allow you to see more of the stone, while six prongs make the diamond more secure but can make the diamond appear smaller.

One downside of the prong setting is that it leaves a portion of the diamond surface more susceptible to accidental damage.  


A bezel oval diamond ring setting is also a popular choice among women. It encircles the diamond with a thin metal frame that holds the stone in place, which can protect the diamond from accidental damage. 

A bezel setting can be full or half; a full bezel surrounds the diamond, while a half bezel leaves it open on the sides. Depending on its structure, the bezel setting can also give the diamond a more subtle look, which can reduce the stone’s brilliance due to less light being able to enter the stone.


An engagement ring with an oval diamond is quite the best selection for making loving moments mesmerizing. Buyers can reveal their love feelings with oval engagement rings, but they have some essential points to consider when buying.

At V. Jayantilal & Co., we’re here to offer you 100% high-quality diamonds at an affordable price range.

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