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Every few years, a new diamond shape gains popularity, but oval diamonds have maintained their pristine image as one of the most classic shapes. The best thing about this conventional diamond cut is how well it suits all finger types and carats. The round cut of a diamond is modified in an oval diamond ring. That honour belongs to the oval-shaped diamond engagement ring, which has held it for some time.The best four- or six-prong setting for the most brilliant oval cut diamonds is used in the traditional and fashionable oval cut engagement ring. Here are reasons to choose an oval diamond:  


An oval-shape diamond extends the popular round or radiant-cut diamond's classic and traditional vibe while maintaining its uniqueness. An oval-cut diamond is a brilliantly unique stone that will draw people’s attention. Ovals are variations on round shapes, so they still have the same number of facets, sparkle, and brilliance, but there is much more variation in their overall proportions.


Oval cuts have been around for centuries, but later on, the modern oval-cut diamond came onto the market. This cut, which was developed by Russian master diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan, extends the conventional round shape while keeping the rounded edge for greater durability than shapes with sharp corners. This traditional diamond cut is a classic and classy choice that appeals to those looking for a bit of variety. This makes an oval-shape diamond perfect for daily wear in an engagement ring and ideal for people who lead active lifestyles. On thick fingers or small hands, an oval shape looks especially lovely because it helps create the appearance of greater length.


An oval-cut engagement ring represents more than just the love, romance, and dedication of a single relationship. It represents uniqueness and individuality, as well as pushing boundaries while still upholding and honouring tradition. This shape also represents fertility, rebirth, and family because it resembles an egg shape. This can be perfect for a couple who wants to start a family together or who wants to commit to a new relationship again after getting engaged, getting married, or breaking up in the past.

Beautiful proportion

The proportions of an oval-cut diamond or gemstone can vary greatly depending on personal preference. An oval-shaped stone's surface area increases with a more extended cut, giving the impression that it weighs more carats and making it more visually striking than other stone shapes of the same size. However, there are "longer," "flatter," and "shorter" oval shapes available, so the selection of stone shapes is largely a matter of taste.

Bow-tie formation

The oval diamond is known for its unique bow-tie formation. It not only makes the diamond look stunning but also enhances its visibility within the ring. The bow-tie effect is caused when light isn’t directly reflected in the diamond's centre. The bow tie blocks the light from returning to your eye because of the diamond's cut. As a result, the diamond's table exhibits a shadow. So the more you focus intently on the stone, you will see a shadowy reflection of your head and shoulders that blocks light from the diamond. If the effect is minimal, the diamond is cut well, but you will always notice a subtle bow tie effect when you’re in front of the diamond.

Pair well with most settings

Oval diamonds are also ideal because of their versatility, which allows them to be paired with most settings. Choosing the right setting is almost as important as choosing the centre stone for your ring. The centre stone can be overshadowed and outshone by the wrong setting. However, you need to be careful when selecting the setting of the oval diamond to maintain its uniqueness. A halo or three stone setting will beautifully and naturally complement the oval diamond, while a solitaire Tiffany ring will draw attention to the oval diamond's fire and clarity.


Oval cut diamonds are more affordable and distinctive than round cut diamonds. For those on a tight budget who want to maximise their purchase, a solitaire oval engagement ring is the best option! An oval diamond engagement ring offers more sparkle and weight at a lower price compared to other diamond cuts. In actuality, the diamond's elongated oval shape deceives the eye into seeing more. Because of this, a round diamond that weighs the same as an oval diamond set in an engagement ring looks much larger.


The oval cut ring's appealing curves inspire harmony and completion while also fostering connections and a sense of community. This has a romantic meaning for couples who “complete” one another and are finding their connections together. An oval's modified circle also represents eternity, making it the ideal shape for an engagement ring's eternal promise.


Celebrities are known for living a lavish lifestyle. Proposals and engagement rings are no exception. Many royals and celebrities have chosen oval shapes for their engagement rings because of the lovely designs of oval engagement rings. Blake Lively, Katie Holmes, Julianne Hough, Serena Williams, and Hailey Baldwin have all opted for different engagement rings featuring oval centre stones, as have the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, and Princess Eugenie of York. Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively’s longtime husband, is often credited with the rise in popularity of oval diamonds when he proposed a 12-carat pink oval diamond engagement ring. Oval engagement rings give any future bride a touch of high society glamour because so many famous people favour oval-shaped gems.

Overall, it is impossible to ignore the elegance of oval diamonds. They make your jewellery exceptionally elegant, adding a touch of timelessness. Oval diamonds are a unique and ideal choice for your engagement ring because of their exceptional qualities. If you can’t decide on just one, ask your jeweller how you can incorporate another shape of diamond into your design.  

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