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Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring

We all have heard about the demand for emerald-cut diamond rings among celebrities. Commonly, they often spend a huge amount on these luxurious pieces. However, have you ever wondered what makes this particular diamond so special? Is it the brilliance, shine, or the unique designs? It is said because of its brilliance and beauty that the rectangular diamond holds.

Investing in such a diamond ring is a substantial decision for a commoner, requiring careful research to determine which shape is best and why a particular ring is worth considering. Moreover, many are unaware that emerald-cut diamond rings for men also have a huge demand in the market. 

In this blog, we will explore what is so special about the cut and designs of emerald-cut diamonds.

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What is an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring?

An emerald cut's unique shape and design carefully capture a diamond's clarity, allowing it to catch and reflect the natural light. The ring's craftsmanship covers the length of the finger rather than the width, creating illusions of a bigger size compared to other diamond cuts.

In a nutshell, it makes the best choice for the bride seeking something different yet classic at the same time.

Although the most elegant emerald-cut diamond ring price is relatively higher, its straight linear facets are usually arranged parallelly down the stone. The corners of the stone are generally cropped to add stability and prevent fractures.

Emerald-cut Diamond Ring Designs

Every setting adds a unique style and character to the ring, allowing individuals to choose based on their personal preferences, budget, and the overall appearance of the piece. Whether an individual prefers the simplicity of a solitaire, the symbolism of a three-stone ring, or the additional geometric flair of baguette accents, there's always a setting that suits various styles and preferences.

Pave Setting

In this emerald-cut diamond ring, small diamonds are set closely together on the band, creating the appearance of a paved surface. The sparkle of the diamond draws everyone's attention, adding a touch of luxury to the ring and making it popular among those who love to own a diamond with intricate details.

Solitaire Setting

The solitaire setting is considered a timeless and classic choice for those who prefer a high-quality stone. The diamond is mounted on the ring without any additional accent stones, emphasizing the beauty and simplicity of the central diamond as it stands out as the focal point.

Three Stone Setting

Also known as a trilogy or trinity setting, this design features 3 stones, with the center stone being the emerald cut, flanked by two smaller stones. It is said to represent the past, present, and future, making it a meaningful choice for those who appreciate a classic and elegant look.

Baguette Setting

One of the most popular wedding rings is elongated, rectangular stone with step-cut facets. The straight lines and clean geometry of baguette diamonds give a sleek and modern appearance. They are preferred to be used as side stones or accents in various types of jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and other decorative pieces.

They are useful when combined with other diamond shapes or gemstones to create intricate designs.

Facts You Should Know About Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

  • They are perfect for those who prefer a timeless, classy ring with understated elegance.
  • Generally not as bright as brilliant cut stones.
  • It is usually bigger than other shaped diamonds in the same carat weight.
  • You might need a higher clarity grade, as its glassy nature does not hide inclusions or other cuts.

Benefits of Emerald-Cut Diamond

Looks Larger than Usual

Due to its elongated shape and large size, the emerald cut appears larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. This shape creates the illusion of greater size, making it an excellent choice for those who want a more sustainable diamond without needing a higher carat weight. It is considered perfect for an engagement ring when size is a major consideration.

Wide Range of Shapes

They come in various length-to-width ratios, offering customization based on personal preferences. The flexibility in choosing different ratios provides options for those who prefer a square-shaped diamond, catering to various styles and preferences.

It Slims the Fingers

Beyond its shape, the emerald-cut diamond has a flattering effect on the woman wearing it. It creates an illusion of length and visually elongates the fingers. The rings are appreciated by those who prefer the aesthetic of longer and more slender fingers. Partners often choose emerald-cut diamonds for women as a surprise for special occasions.

Cut Makes Great Accents

The emerald-cut diamond ring contributes to a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Its clean lines and large size make it suitable for pairing with other diamond shapes or gemstones as accents. E.g., It pairs perfectly with marquise, round, or radiant cut, enhancing the overall design of the jewellery.

4C’s of Emerald Cut Diamond Ring


When choosing a colour from an emerald cut diamond ring, customers prefer the warmer tones of color grades D-F. With emerald cuts, the rectangular or square shape may showcase color more visible than some other cuts, so people often opt for higher color grades for a brighter appearance.


It refers to external and internal flaws or inclusion in the diamond. Compared to brilliant cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds have a step-cut facet that creates a hall of mirrors effect, making inclusions more visible. Always remember to choose a clarity grade that ensures the inclusions do not significantly impact the overall appearance of the diamond. High-clarity grades are often preferred for emerald-cut diamonds.


The cut in a diamond represents its proportions, symmetry, and polish. The cut plays a crucial role because of its brilliance and overall aesthetic. Its ideal proportion involves balancing the length-to-width ratio and ensuring that the step-cut facets are well-aligned, aiming for a symmetrical appearance.


It's a measure of a diamond's weight. Emerald-cut diamonds distribute their weight differently compared to other diamonds. As discussed above, a one-carat emerald diamond may appear larger than a one-carat round brilliant-cut diamond.

Key Takeaways

We hope you now know what an emerald-cut diamond ring is all about and why it stands out as a favourite among celebrities. In conclusion, the emerald-cut diamond is cherished by many women for its brilliance and shine. Moreover, its size appears larger than usual, making it more appealing with each passing decade.

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Emerald-cut Engagement rings

You and your spouse have passion and motivation for your relationship and love life. You might need assistance in a romantic relationship from someone who understands you better than you do. While your spouse may want warmth and endearment from you. 

You're assembling in a connection with excitement because of this. It is fundamental to love relationships to keep their faith in one another.

In the meantime, if you're looking for opportunities to express your feelings and excitement toward your spouse, you need a place to do so. This space is available by selecting an "Emerald Cut Ring." Therefore, if you and your love partner have mutually decided to embark on a new life journey by getting married but haven't yet exchanged vows, you need a symbol that clearly denotes your relationship.

The least chopped corners, step-cut formations, and crystal clear surfaces of the emerald-cut engagement rings give them such an attractive and contemporary appearance. The diamond is the star of the emerald cut gemstone, and because of its flawless edges and perfect symmetry, it has the "Hall of Mirror" effects.

Let's explore the exquisite emerald-cut engagement rings' alluring features. This will serve as your definitive guide and aid you in making a better choice for you and your spouse.

Let's start our journey to analyze emerald-cut engagement rings.

Why Choose an Emerald Emerald-cut Engagement Rings

Emerald-cut diamonds feature 57 facets, less than their cousin diamond shape, the "Radiant Cut." The emerald is a good option if you're looking for a reasonably priced diamond with an identical appearance, a radiant cut, an elongated shape to a square one, clear surfaces, and versatility between these two rectangular-shaped stones.

The most important reason is to select an emerald cut diamond, the "Sloppy Crown and Pavilion Anatomy," rather than round, cushion, radiant, and heart-shaped diamonds. As a result, couples refer to selecting the elongated and beveled cornered emerald diamond for the engagement ring.

Let's see the reasons in depth for a clear understanding of this rectangular diamond shape. Also, these reasons could be defined as benefits for you.

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It's a Cheaper Option than Other Brilliant-cut Traditional Shapes.

The cost of the emerald-cut diamond is less than that of a round brilliant-cut one. It means you can select a same-quality graded emerald cut diamond for a lower price than a round brilliant cut.

Meanwhile, the overall cost of the diamonds depends on color, clarity, carat, cut, dimensions, symmetry, and fluorescence grades. You can get our help by contacting us.

The Flashes and Light Reflections

The emerald-cut diamond can release flashes and light reflections through the beveled corners and sloppy facets of the crown anatomy. The concentric facet placements of these elongated-shaped diamonds offer good luminosity and sparkle.

Because of its symmetrical balance, the emerald diamond has a shine that sets it apart from other rectangular objects. So, make your beautiful engagement ring more captivating by selecting the best emerald-cut diamond in an elongated shape. 

The emerald one's clear surfaces promote transparency and mutual trust between two people. As a consequence, an emerald diamond engagement ring has a unique mix of light reflection and clarity.

Length: The Unique Selection Point

The length of the emerald-cut diamond is the unique selection point for this elongated shape. You're constantly searching for a unique perk of your purchase. So here in the emerald-cut diamond, the USP is "length." If your spouse needs a rectangle-shaped diamond ring for engagement, choose the emerald wisely.

The emerald-cut ring covers 40–60% of the finger's circumference when worn on the finger. The rectangular shape is the best choice because it has more length than other diamonds.

All ring designs, including three-stone, halo, vintage-inspired, solitaire, and Toi et Moi, look elegant and sophisticated thanks to the elongated shape of the emerald diamond. Also, having more length, the emerald releases its versatility in the form of a unique appearance compared to other diamond shapes.

The Clarity and Transparency Reflectors Available

Due to the least cropped corners and step-cut facets, the anatomy of the emerald diamond offers clarity and transparency. The clean surfaces of the emerald-cut diamond are also a result of its larger facets and concentric row pattern. Compared to other diamond shapes, the emerald has a neat and clear surface that appears from the table and pavilion anatomy.

The emerald diamond has minimal internal and external flaws that exhibit a higher level of light reflection and increase the overall luminosity. Additionally, this elongated diamond shape is a traditional and timeless option for any ring style.

If you want an engagement ring, you can choose an emerald diamond. You may readily recommend emerald-cut diamonds to your friends or family members if they require guidance on the ideal diamond shape while choosing promise rings in the meantime. After all, they're committing the statement to their love partner so that you can refer them to the benefits of the elongated emerald diamond shape.

Versatility Provider

If you have a strong desire to offer a unique appearance when selecting an engagement ring for your spouse, then the expectation is fulfilled by the emerald-cut diamond. No matter the ring design—solitaire, three-stone, or vintage-inspired art deco—this elongated diamond shape is a flexible option.

The emerald diamond solitaire ring design offers a precious and pretty wearing experience, so you can move with that option. While a halo ring refers to the elegant emerald cut ring choice for engagement, Thus, every ring design has its own specialty, but you can create your own unique emerald diamond engagement ring with a customization option.

The ring designs exist as halo, solitaire, vintage, three-stone, and Toi et Moi. All these top emerald cut ring designs are made with yellow, rose, and white gold metal. Consider the best emerald-cut engagement ring design and metal tone selection. Meanwhile, you can opt for any ring design your spouse loves to wear as an engagement ring in an emerald diamond.

Ideal 4C’s for Emerald-cut Diamond

The 4cs of diamonds influence the cost and appearance of your chosen engagement ring. That's why it is essential to know for making beautiful emerald-cut engagement rings the stylish and captivating signs of love.

An emerald diamond's best color, clarity, carat, and cut grades are described below. Get an emerald cut diamond in better quality for choosing the ideal 4cs grades.

Select D to J Color Grade Diamond

In an emerald-cut diamond ring, the D to J color grade is a sufficient choice because it is free from the unnatural hue reflections that affect the overall appearance. Also, the length and sloppy facets look more prominent and excellent when the emerald should have a natural color reflection that is found in the D to J color grade.

Additionally, the color grade you choose will depend on the ring design you choose. For example, when you choose a solitaire or halo ring design with an emerald diamond, the color grade is the most important factor to consider. D to J color grade emerald diamonds are more expensive than other fancy-colored diamonds. Keep this in mind while choosing an engagement ring.

Choose 1 to 5-carat weights.

How much weight a diamond has is determined by its carat. An elongated emerald diamond has a length that looks bigger than other diamonds, even at the same carat weight. But to make your engagement ring more beautiful, select 1 to 5-carat weighted emerald-cut diamonds. Your choice of carat weight has a direct impact on both the price and appearance.

Thus, carat weights should be selected by considering the ring designs. Every ring design has its uniqueness, so the carat weight selection for an emerald diamond must be coherent with that particular ring design.

For example, for an emerald-cut solitaire ring, select a 1 or 2-carat weight because it still looks bigger than a round or cushion diamond. For a halo or vintage-inspired art deco design ring, choose a 3-carat weighted elongated emerald diamond shape.

Remember that you should choose an emerald diamond's carat weight so that it fits the ratio of length to width.

Select excellent-to-very-good-cut-grade diamonds.

Choose the best-cut grades for an exquisite appearance because the emerald diamond is swallowed by the anatomy of the pavilion and has sloppy facets on the crown surfaces. The best cut grades of the emerald diamonds are Excellent to Very Good because, in these grades, the depth and girdle thickness exist in ideal conditions.

The sloppy and step-cut facets of the emerald demand better-cut grades for better light reflections. If you opt for the wrong cut grade, then you might not experience the elegance of the emerald cut. 

The cut grade for an emerald diamond is now different from the L/W ratio because sometimes the square shape has a more swallowed pavilion anatomy and less depth than an elongated one.

Select VVS To VS Diamond Clarity Grade Diamonds

The VVS to VS grade range is the best for emerald cut diamonds because it has fewer inclusions on the anatomy. Having fewer diamond inclusions on the surfaces does not affect the real sparkle reflections. As a result, we recommend choosing VVS to VS clarity emerald diamond, whether the shape is rectangular or square.

Always keep in mind that the clarity grade should be higher when choosing an elongated emerald-cut diamond, such as IF (Internally Flawless) or FL (Flawless). If there's no probability of getting either IF or FL clarity, then VVS diamond is a good choice. 

The clarity grade is the most influential factor to consider when choosing the best quality for emerald-cut engagement rings. Diamond clarity represents how much the surface is covered with the inclusions or blemishes that affect the brilliance and scintillation of the stone.

Emerald cut ring style 

Solitaire Ring Style

‘Simplicity is the Ultimate Form of Sophistication’. A solitaire ring is simply beautiful and you will fall in love with the timeless appearance of solitaire rings. 

The Emerald cut gemstone on the solitaire ring looks attractive and catches the attention of people continuously. If your partner loves simple things and adores them, then gift this stunning engagement ring design and capture the happiness in their sparkling eyes.

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Halo Ring Style

The halo ring setting is unique and beautiful in itself. The luxurious appeal of the halo engagement ring will steal the attention of people and make your engagement day brighter. The center stone in the emerald cut ring is encircled by diamonds, most of the time, unless you want a unique halo with a color stone. 

Emerald, sapphire, or ruby as the center gemstone will give a royal appearance to the halo ring style.

Three-stone ring style

Want to do something unique for her on your engagement day? Present her a beautiful three-stone emerald cut engagement ring. Emerald cut gemstone at the center of the three-stone ring will magnify the beauty of your partner’s hand. Explore our enormous collection of loose emerald-cut gemstones and customize your ring with your selected gemstone.

Cluster Engagement Ring

The cluster-style emerald-cut engagement rings refer to the two attributes of human beings "Honesty and Modesty."Consider the diamonds' formation and symmetrical balance when selecting a cluster engagement ring. Still, when you opt for an elongated emerald cut diamond, then you don't have to take the stress. The cluster emerald-cut engagement ring gives an ideal appearance when it has an emerald-cut diamond.


In an emerald diamond ring, the color, carat, cut, and clarity should be chosen according to your desired quality in your proposal sign. Also, consider the best grades for symmetry and polish, which is the coherence of the ring style. Choose the proportions of the emerald diamond to make your engagement ring special to exquisite.

Emerald-cut engagement rings look better for a romantic proposal to reveal the commitment, promise, and endearment towards a spouse. It's best to ask your spouse before selecting a ring style in emerald cut diamond and know their size, considering the bandwidth and depth. 

If you're planning the surprise engagement ring, then contact us so we can suggest choices and options. At V. Jayantilal & Co., we provide you with high-quality emerald-cut diamonds at an affordable price range. Also, our dedicated staff will be delighted to help you select the best emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. We hope that this blog has helped you to solve your doubts.


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