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Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring

We all have heard about the demand for emerald-cut diamond rings among celebrities. Commonly, they often spend a huge amount on these luxurious pieces. However, have you ever wondered what makes this particular diamond so special? Is it the brilliance, shine, or the unique designs? It is said because of its brilliance and beauty that the rectangular diamond holds.

Investing in such a diamond ring is a substantial decision for a commoner, requiring careful research to determine which shape is best and why a particular ring is worth considering. Moreover, many are unaware that emerald-cut diamond rings for men also have a huge demand in the market. 

In this blog, we will explore what is so special about the cut and designs of emerald-cut diamonds.

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What is an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring?

An emerald cut's unique shape and design carefully capture a diamond's clarity, allowing it to catch and reflect the natural light. The ring's craftsmanship covers the length of the finger rather than the width, creating illusions of a bigger size compared to other diamond cuts.

In a nutshell, it makes the best choice for the bride seeking something different yet classic at the same time.

Although the most elegant emerald-cut diamond ring price is relatively higher, its straight linear facets are usually arranged parallelly down the stone. The corners of the stone are generally cropped to add stability and prevent fractures.

Emerald-cut Diamond Ring Designs

Every setting adds a unique style and character to the ring, allowing individuals to choose based on their personal preferences, budget, and the overall appearance of the piece. Whether an individual prefers the simplicity of a solitaire, the symbolism of a three-stone ring, or the additional geometric flair of baguette accents, there's always a setting that suits various styles and preferences.

Pave Setting

In this emerald-cut diamond ring, small diamonds are set closely together on the band, creating the appearance of a paved surface. The sparkle of the diamond draws everyone's attention, adding a touch of luxury to the ring and making it popular among those who love to own a diamond with intricate details.

Solitaire Setting

The solitaire setting is considered a timeless and classic choice for those who prefer a high-quality stone. The diamond is mounted on the ring without any additional accent stones, emphasizing the beauty and simplicity of the central diamond as it stands out as the focal point.

Three Stone Setting

Also known as a trilogy or trinity setting, this design features 3 stones, with the center stone being the emerald cut, flanked by two smaller stones. It is said to represent the past, present, and future, making it a meaningful choice for those who appreciate a classic and elegant look.

Baguette Setting

One of the most popular wedding rings is elongated, rectangular stone with step-cut facets. The straight lines and clean geometry of baguette diamonds give a sleek and modern appearance. They are preferred to be used as side stones or accents in various types of jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and other decorative pieces.

They are useful when combined with other diamond shapes or gemstones to create intricate designs.

Facts You Should Know About Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

  • They are perfect for those who prefer a timeless, classy ring with understated elegance.
  • Generally not as bright as brilliant cut stones.
  • It is usually bigger than other shaped diamonds in the same carat weight.
  • You might need a higher clarity grade, as its glassy nature does not hide inclusions or other cuts.

Benefits of Emerald-Cut Diamond

Looks Larger than Usual

Due to its elongated shape and large size, the emerald cut appears larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. This shape creates the illusion of greater size, making it an excellent choice for those who want a more sustainable diamond without needing a higher carat weight. It is considered perfect for an engagement ring when size is a major consideration.

Wide Range of Shapes

They come in various length-to-width ratios, offering customization based on personal preferences. The flexibility in choosing different ratios provides options for those who prefer a square-shaped diamond, catering to various styles and preferences.

It Slims the Fingers

Beyond its shape, the emerald-cut diamond has a flattering effect on the woman wearing it. It creates an illusion of length and visually elongates the fingers. The rings are appreciated by those who prefer the aesthetic of longer and more slender fingers. Partners often choose emerald-cut diamonds for women as a surprise for special occasions.

Cut Makes Great Accents

The emerald-cut diamond ring contributes to a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Its clean lines and large size make it suitable for pairing with other diamond shapes or gemstones as accents. E.g., It pairs perfectly with marquise, round, or radiant cut, enhancing the overall design of the jewellery.

4C’s of Emerald Cut Diamond Ring


When choosing a colour from an emerald cut diamond ring, customers prefer the warmer tones of color grades D-F. With emerald cuts, the rectangular or square shape may showcase color more visible than some other cuts, so people often opt for higher color grades for a brighter appearance.


It refers to external and internal flaws or inclusion in the diamond. Compared to brilliant cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds have a step-cut facet that creates a hall of mirrors effect, making inclusions more visible. Always remember to choose a clarity grade that ensures the inclusions do not significantly impact the overall appearance of the diamond. High-clarity grades are often preferred for emerald-cut diamonds.


The cut in a diamond represents its proportions, symmetry, and polish. The cut plays a crucial role because of its brilliance and overall aesthetic. Its ideal proportion involves balancing the length-to-width ratio and ensuring that the step-cut facets are well-aligned, aiming for a symmetrical appearance.


It's a measure of a diamond's weight. Emerald-cut diamonds distribute their weight differently compared to other diamonds. As discussed above, a one-carat emerald diamond may appear larger than a one-carat round brilliant-cut diamond.

Key Takeaways

We hope you now know what an emerald-cut diamond ring is all about and why it stands out as a favourite among celebrities. In conclusion, the emerald-cut diamond is cherished by many women for its brilliance and shine. Moreover, its size appears larger than usual, making it more appealing with each passing decade.

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