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Take care of diamond jewellery

How Do I Take Care of My Diamond Jewellery?

Whether it's a diamond ring or a diamond pendant, diamond jewellery is frequently given as a sign of love and should be treated as such. Despite being the most durable natural material, diamond jewellery needs special care. While it is a well-known fact that Natural diamonds (Real diamonds) are the hardest substance on earth and only another diamond can cut or break them, that doesn’t mean they are safe from the various external aggressors that may cause your favourite gemstone to lose its sparkle. Understanding how to take care for your diamond jewellery to protect, maintain, and sparkle it for future generations Your jewel corresponds to your art collection.

We’ll tell you how to maintain, clean, and protect your diamonds, so you can ensure that your diamond jewellery shines the brightest every time you wear it.

Take off diamond jewellery while sleeping

Avoid wearing diamond jewellery while you sleep; it may cause skin irritation and damage to the jewellery. As unpredictable sleeping positions can cause sustained pressure on the mount of your jewellery, weakening it over time and increasing the likelihood of pieces breaking. It prevents your body's weight from pressing on it as you shift your sleeping position.

Take off diamond jewellery to shower

Even though a shower is essential for cleansing your body, it is dangerous for your diamond ring. Ingredients in soaps micro-exfoliate your skin to clean it. Over time, the cleansing soaps cause oils to build up under and even in the diamond, making it look cloudy and dull. Even natural soaps have the potential to harm over time. Taking off your ring before your shower is the only surefire way to take care of your diamond jewellery completely avoid this risk.

Clean regularly

To keep your diamond jewellery looking lovely You should clean your jewellery at least twice a year. This prevents buildup and keeps your jewellery in pristine condition, preserving your symbol of eternal love. To clean jewellery at home, soak your diamond ornaments for around half an hour or an hour before you start cleaning them. This will assist in clearing the surface of any loose particles. Use a soft toothbrush and a mild cleaning solution to completely remove the oil and dirt from the interior of the diamond jewellery, especially when cleaning intricate diamond stud earrings like the Wilderness Diamond Stud Earring. However, if you don't have a cleaner, you can use either water or a solution of dishwashing liquid or, or you could use toothpaste. When purchasing diamond jewellery, you should inquire about maintenance and a few other important questions.

Store properly

Proper storage is an essential aspect of the care of your diamond jewellery. Just as every baby needs a home, every piece of jewellery requires a safe and secure place in your jewellery box. It is best to store your jewellery box in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight to prevent any damage. Make sure the box has a soft inner cushion layer to avoid any scratches, and you can even wrap your diamonds in tissue for added protection. Avoid storing your jewellery too close together, as they could rub against each other and cause scratching. By keeping your jewellery box in a dry, cool, and secure location, you can ensure the longevity and beauty of your precious diamond jewellery.

Avoid chemical

Another way to ensure that your diamond doesn’t lose its sparkle is by keeping your diamond jewellery away from chemicals and not wearing it during any physically demanding activity. Never clean diamond jewellery with abrasives or chlorine bleach. In order to clean jewellery, ultrasonic cleaners vibrate the item. These devices clean jewellery effectively, but they also pose a risk of damaging it. Given that you can quickly, effectively, and safely clean your jewellery using the above-described soap and water method, we don't believe these devices are worth the risk.

Does we wear makeup after wearing diamond jewellery?

You should always put on your jewellery last when getting ready and dressing up, especially diamond jewellery. You're spraying and applying various items to your hair, as well as scents, creams, and salves to the areas of your face, neck, ears, and hands. If you put your jewels on now, they may soon be covered in the accumulation of all those beauty items and aromas. This change can cause your precious stones to go from stunning to dull in an extremely short period of time. It will also get lodged in the tiny crevices between the diamond and the metal. 

Why we have to keep diamonds away from pollution and moisture

Keep in mind that you have to avoid using oil or cosmetics at all costs because they might loosen the prongs and destabilize the stone. We advise you to regularly inspect your diamond jewellery and dry it out if it picks up any moisture.

Take your diamond jewellery off to swim

When you go swimming, it's essential to take off all of your jewellery because saltwater and chlorine residue can build up over time and cause your jewellery to become noticeably dull. Swimming will cause jewellery to lose its luster, even if the wearer has diamond jewellery, which is known for its extreme hardness.

Keep a check on light and heat

Certain materials, especially organic substances and some plastics, can be bleached by the sun. Drawn-out receptivity to warmth and light can harm your gems. While some gemstones can turn white in the sun, others are particularly sensitive to heat. Additionally, excessive heat can crack or break pearls.

Get repaired and polished by a jeweller

It’s easy to lose a piece of jewellery or individual stones if you’re not giving your jewellery regular check-ups. Your diamond jewellery requires regular maintenance to keep its shine and glamour intact. Take a close look at the diamond jewellery's structure. The jagged ends could scrape or scratch the diamond and destroy its look. As a result, it needs to be resolved right away. Your jeweller will deep clean your pieces for a brilliant shine, too! To maintain its shine, it needs to be polished.

With the help of all these pointers, you can take good care of your jewellery and wear it for a very long time. Be careful and loving when handling your diamonds. As long as you wear it, your diamond jewellery will retain its beauty and value with consistent upkeep and cleaning.

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