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Round vs Cushion Diamonds

Round and cushion-cut diamonds are both dazzling choices for diamond jewellery. Due to their current popularity, it's likely that if you're looking for a diamond pendant, engagement ring, or any other type of diamond design, you've seen a lot of these shapes.

While round and cushion-cut diamonds are similarly popular, they have several differences that can affect which you prefer. The price, setting options, sparkle, and style of these shapes vary. Additionally, they exhibit clarity and color in different ways, which may influence your decision regarding the qualities you value most when choosing a diamond.

By understanding the differences between round vs cushion diamonds, you can easily make an educated decision when choosing between the two. 

There are several arguments in favor of the round vs cushion diamonds debate beyond just shape. Find out which of these stunning diamond cuts is best for you by reading on to discover their distinctions.

What is a Round Diamond?

The Round cut's high brilliance factor and adaptability in settings make it more popular. There are many reasons for this, but some of the most notable are its timeless shape, incredible sparkle, and versatility. This round diamond appears larger than its carat weight would indicate and looks stunning in any style, from sleek and contemporary to vintage and elaborate.

When viewed from above, it appears to be a perfect circle and fits all finger shapes well. Its distinctive dazzle comes from 57–58 perfectly placed facets. When light enters a diamond, it reflects and refracts inside before being emitted. This accounts for a diamond's brilliance.

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What is a Cushion Diamond?

The cushion diamond also referred to as the “pillow cut," is square but has rounded corners that create a puffed-up appearance. In contrast to a princess-cut diamond, an engagement ring with a cushion cut will seem rounder and have softer corners.

Originally, the antique cushion featured 58 facets, but modern cushions often feature as many as 64 facets, which gives them a brilliant and sophisticated sparkle. 

In a nutshell, the cushion-cut diamond is a romantic blend of retro and contemporary styles, which makes it suitable for people looking for something unique.

Difference between Round vs Cushion Diamonds

1) Shape:

The round-cut diamond is 58 facets cut in a way that creates a perfectly symmetrical circle. Its shape is classic, elegant, and universally flattering, which is part of the reason it is so popular, especially with brides.

On the other hand, depending on how they are cut, cushion cuts can have a very different shape. Some are more spherical in shape, while others are more square-like. They can be sharp and square, more elongated and oval, or any combination of these. 

When you have an elongated cushion cut diamond, which can resemble a round or oval cut diamond, things can get confusing. It's crucial to know what shape you want in an engagement ring before you start looking because cushion-cut diamonds come in a wide range of shapes.

Cushioned brilliant cuts have a highly symmetrical look, with larger facets that could be described as chunky. With an additional row of facets on their pavilion, modified cushion cuts resemble crushed ice in appearance but are more dispersed.

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2) Style:

Round-cut diamonds are classic and elegant. A wide spectrum of people find them appealing due to their timeless quality, gorgeous sparkle, and lovely symmetry.

In addition to being classic in style, cushion-cut diamonds have a touch of vintage appeal because of their antique origins. 

Cushion-cut diamonds also have a romantic appearance in comparison to other rectangular or square diamond shapes because of their rounded edges, which give them a softness not found in sharper rectangular shapes like emerald, radiant, princess, or Asscher cuts.

3) Sparkle:

Round brilliant-cut diamonds are beloved for their incredible sparkle. Thanks to their carefully arranged facets, round brilliant-cut diamonds have the most brilliance of any diamond shape. 

Cushion-cut diamonds are also beautifully sparkly and brilliant, but they are less brilliant than round diamonds due to their larger facets. Cushion diamonds also have a different type of scintillation than round brilliant diamonds. Both round and cushion-cut diamonds have a lot of fire (rainbow sparkle) and brilliance (white sparkle).

But cushion cut diamonds tend to have more fire than any other diamond shape, including round. So, if you’re a fan of colorful sparkles over white sparkles, the cushion cut may catch your eye.

4) Setting Options:

As you decide whether you prefer round or cushion-cut diamonds, don’t neglect to consider how each shape will look when set in jewellery. If you’re looking for a center diamond for a very simple design, such as a prong-set solitaire diamond ring, your diamond will largely define the style of your piece. But if you prefer more intricate jewellery, you want to think about how the style of your center diamond will look in your favorite settings. 

Generally speaking, round-cut diamonds look amazing in classic and modern designs, while cushion-cut diamonds look great in designs that are classic and vintage-inspired.

Yet, either shape can shine in any style, depending on the specific design. At the end of the day, this is an aesthetic consideration that comes down to personal preference. 

5) Selection:

Cushion-cut and round diamonds can display specific characteristics differently because of their distinct shapes and faceting patterns. Interestingly, compared to cushion-cut diamonds, round-cut diamonds tend to conceal flaws better. Because round diamonds have so many tiny facets, they can effectively hide minute inclusions within the stone, giving the appearance of higher quality even in round diamonds with lower diamond clarity grades. 

The color of the diamond is another obvious distinction between these two diamond shapes. Cushion-cut diamonds are excellent at showcasing color. If you're looking for a vibrant gemstone, this is great; if you're looking for a colorless diamond, it's not so great.

6) Price:

Cushion-cut diamonds will clearly outperform round diamonds in this area. We are all aware of the price differential between cushion and round diamond.

The most expensive type of diamond in the world is a round brilliant-cut diamond.

The first reason is that the creation of a round brilliant diamond leads to more raw diamond waste, which automatically increases the making cost so that the selling price is also high.

Secondly, Cushion diamonds are also called "Fancy shapes." Fancy-shaped diamonds are a category that includes many shapes such as princess, emerald, pear, oval, marquise, asscher, etc. 

The third reason is the popularity and high demand for round-cut diamonds.

Cushion-cut diamonds are less expensive than round diamonds.

Even if cushion-cut or round diamonds have the same carat weight and qualities, for sure the cushion-cut diamond will cost 20% to 40% less. As vintage jewellery is gaining popularity, cushion-cut diamonds are also rising in price.

Still, cushion-cut diamonds are less expensive than round-cut diamonds.


We hope that you got a clear idea from round vs cushion diamonds, which one will you prefer and why. If you prefer a softened-edged square shape, go for a cushion cut. It is less expensive than a typical round-cut diamond and offers stunning sparkle and fire. A cushion cut is a great choice if your style is reminiscent of Georgian and Victorian periods, or if you'd like to choose between a classic or "crushed ice" look.

Go for a round-cut diamond if you've had your heart set on a brilliant round cut. It's a classic look that will always be in vogue. A purchase as significant as an engagement ring will be well worth it due to its 58 sparkling facets and high value.

You are aware by now of the significance of diamonds as investments in your life. You want to be happy with whatever you end up choosing. Personal preference is really what matters for the diamond and ring because you want to love them at the end of the day. At V. Jayantilal & Co., we understand how your eyes can cross when picking out the perfect diamond. To accommodate your distinct taste and style, we provide a variety of options.

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